LCD Radar Speed Gun 5 - 199 Mph/Kph SRA3000

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How fast is your latest R/C project? Like to find out exactly? The SRA3000 Radar Gun tracks the speed of just about anything that moves on land, sea or in the sky. This Radar Speed Gun is designed for ease of use. For most applications, just turn it on, point and pull the trigger. For the advanced user, the Tracer has options only found in the top range Radar guns. A continuous read mode and tripod mounting allow for hands-free operation. Quick read mode allows for accurate measurement of model speeds instantly. An average speed recall feature, selectable MPH or Km/h speed units,unsurpassed battery life of 150 hours, and more make the SRA3000 a great tool for the hobbyist. Features: ? Speeds Range 5 - 199 Mph or Kph ? 3 Digit Speed Display ? Power ON / OFF, and Mode Option Button ? Average Speed, and Mode Select Button ? Point and Shoot technology ? Range typically 60 - 1000 feet (18 - 305 metres) ? Trigger or Continuous Modes ? Tripod Mount ? Quick Read Mode ? Average Speed statistic ? Selectable Audio Indicator ? Battery Life 150 hours ? Auto Shut down to prolong battery life ? Low Battery Indicator ? Includes soft case and speed tuning fork Package Contents: Sports Radar Tracer SRA3000 Radar Gun Soft Case Speed Tuning Fork Requires: six (6) standard AAA alkaline batteries Weight: 363 grams

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