MJX X900 Nano Hexcopter With 6-Axis Gyro Mode 2 Ready To Fly (Black)

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Love your ready to fly nano sized multirotors? The MJX X-900 is possibly one of the most advanced nano multirotors we have seen! With its 6-axis flight stabilization system, multiple flight modes and 3D flip functions, this mini hexcopter is sure to impress you and your friends indoors or outdoors, day or night!

The main body of the X900 is manufactured from tough styrene plastic and the main glass fiber PCB adds strength to the complete airframe, meaning the X900 can take the inevitable knocks and bangs of everyday flight! however should you break or loose a prop a replacement set is included.

Want to fly at night? no problem! the X900 nano hexcopter is equipped with super bright LED lights which can be be seen in almost any lighting or weather conditions! The LED's also aid orientation with blue lights to the rear and red at the forward position.

Flying the X900 couldn't be simpler, you can easily control it to climb, descend turn left, right, fly forward, backwards and yaw left and right. The on-board 180mAh LiPoly battery provides exciting flight times of up to 5 minutes and can be charged either directly from the transmitter or via the supplied USB cable.

Ultra lightweight RTF nano hexcopter - just add 6 x AA batteries6-Axis flight stabilization system
Multiple flight modes and 3D flip function
Super strong durable construction
Built-in LED lighting

Battery: 3.7V 180mAh LiPoly (built-in)
Recommended Environment: Indoor / outdoor
Color: White
Dimensions: 80 x 20mm
Weight: 22g

Package Includes:
1 x X900 hexcopter
1 x Transmitter

6 x AA Batteries